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Car Care Warranties and Service Plans

The AAA Vehicle Extended Service Plan makes it easy to get your car repaired without complicated paperwork or claims procedures. Repairs can be completed by any state certified vehicle repair facility or any of AAA’s more than 7,800 approved auto repair facilities in the US and Canada.

Total Lubrication Care (TLC) Inspection Package

The Total Lubrication Care (TLC) Inspection package inspects your vehicles motor oil, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, brake fluid, coolant, gear lube, fuel injection, battery, filters, wiper blades, glass, belts, hoses, tires and brakes. AAA Car Care Center TLC Inspection Package includes the following:

Lubricant Evaluation
TLC is a radial planar chromatographic analysis tool that measures the level of sludge in lubricant. All modern lubricants contain additives that inhibit breakdown. As these additives are depleted, sludge is formed. This shortens the service life and reduces performance causing an overall increase in operating costs. By performing proper fluid preventative maintenance services as specified in your owner’s manual you can expect to save gas, reduce emissions, maintain your warranty, improve performance, extend the life of your vehicle and reduce your overall operating and repair costs over the life of your vehicle.

Antifreeze/ Coolant Test
A coolant test is performed to ensure that your vehicle’s coolant has the proper Ph balance, reserve alkalinity and freezing point/boiling point protection. Generally, standard ethylene glycol type antifreeze coolant should be changed every two years or 24,000 miles. Check your owner’s manual to determine the best intervals for your vehicle.

Fuel System Test
A swab of the throttle body shows the possible need for fuel system cleaning. Keeping these components clean and free from gum, vanish and carbon deposits may eliminate misfiring, engine ping and knock, increased emissions and power loss. A clean fuel system will help insure peak performance and optimum fuel economy.

Battery Test
This provides you a report on the state and health of your vehicles battery. Battery tests are a vital part of vehicle maintenance. It is important to make sure you will not be stranded on the road. The test shows the general condition of the battery when compared to a fresh new battery. During the lifetime of a battery, the state of health deteriorates gradually due to use and recharge cycles.

Tire Inspection
We check your vehicles tires for tread depth and tread wear. Maintaining proper tread depth on your tires is essential to making sure your vehicle is safe to drive. When using a tread depth gauge, tires need to have at least 1/16-in. of tread or more as this is the minimum amount of tread allowed by law. Additionally, your tires wear differently depending on proper inflation, balancing, suspension and alignment. Excessive wear can result in a loss of traction, especially on wet and slippery roads.

Brake Pads Inspection
Brake pads and shoes are the wearable friction elements of the braking system. When installed properly, they should provide reliable and quiet braking for many miles.

​Valvoline Engine Guarantee

AAA Car Care Center now proudly uses Valvoline products in all oil changes!

For more than 140 years, Valvoline has helped car owners achieve maximum performance and prolonged life from their engines with motor oils specifically designed to meet the needs of different engine types and driving conditions. And they stand behind their products by offering the Valvoline Engine Guarantee, a no hassle engine guarantee program where you can get up to 300,000 miles of guaranteed engine life.

​AAA Lifetime Protection

The AAA Lifetime Protection Plan is designed to keep your vehicle at top performance through routine maintenance intervals.

To maintain protection:

Transmission service interval: 30,000 miles
Power Steering service interval: 30,000 miles
Brake System service interval: 30,000 miles
Drive Line service interval: 30,000 miles
Cooling System service interval: 30,000 miles
Engine service interval: 7,500 miles
Fuel service interval: 15,000 miles.

AAA Lifetime Protection Plan covers only components serviced by BG products.