An annuity can be non-qualified, funded with personal savings or qualified and funded with pre-tax dollars. Once you are ready to use the money you’ve accumulated, it’s available in a lump sum or a variety of payout options, including a steady income guaranteed for life. In most instances under a non-qualified annuity, part of the income you receive is non-taxable, since it is a return of principal. In the event of death, if a beneficiary has been designated, the remaining amount bypasses probate without any court costs, delay or publicity.

AAA offers tax deferred annuity products underwritten by several top-rated insurance companies. Some of the special features these products offer include:

  • Competitive interest rates.
  • Safety of principal backed by the financial strength of the Insurance Company.
  • Withdrawal privileges of interest earned or accumulated value.
  • Minimum guaranteed interest.
  • Flexible contribution terms.

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