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An array of coverage options for your additional properties

Do you have rental units for extra income, or a secondary or seasonal home you use to get away and relax? AAA Insurance offers the protection you need to cover those valuable assets with Secondary/Seasonal Homes Insurance.

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While homeowners policies are used when the owner is also the person living on the property, Secondary/Seasonal Home policies are used when the owner is not the main occupant, for example, vacation homes. While coverages are very similar to homeowners insurance, Secondary/Seasonal Home policies offer a wider range of choices when choosing the coverages you need and leaving off those you don’t need.

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Coverage A and B – Dwelling and Other Structures

These coverages will be the same as coverages on a homeowners policy.

Coverage C – Contents

Contents Coverage is often significantly lower, sometimes only $5,000, as a base to cover landlord-owned appliances. As a rental unit, the tenant should have a renters’insurance policy to cover their personal contents. Learn more about renter's insurance

Coverage D – Loss of Use/ Fair Rental Value

Loss of Use/Fair Rental Value coverage is sometimes set at 30% instead of the 20% most homeowners policies are set at, due to the nature that these properties are rented out

Coverage E & F - Premises Liability and Medical Payments

While the limits available for Premises Liability and Medical Payments coverages are usually the same as a homeowners policy, it is recommended to maximize these coverage limits on Secondary/Seasonal Home policies. If a tenant is injured due to faulty wiring or if a rotted deck collapses, the landlord is responsible for the cost.

Learn More About our AAA Secondary / Seasonal Home Insurance Policies

This is an overview of common terms, conditions and coverages. Review your policy or contact a AAA Insurance agent for more information.

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