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Tire Tips

Your tires are essential for safe driving this season. Are your tires in top health for heavy travel? One quick way to assess the health of your tires is as simple as inserting a quarter between the grooves of your tires. Simply slip an upside down quarter between the grooves and look at Washington’s head, if you can see all of it, this is a sign that you are in need of new tires due to tread wear.

Keep your tires in great condition by following our quick list of tips for tire health.

Tire Pressure

TIP 1:
Check and maintain your tire pressure.

Keeping your tires properly inflated optimizes the stability and handling of your vehicle, gives you optimum traction, prevents premature tire wear and enhances your fuel mileage.

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Rotate your Tires

TIP 2:
Rotate your tires.

By performing tire rotations on a regular basis, you prevent premature wear and maintain a smooth tread face allowing for better ride quality. Tires should be rotated every 5,000 to 7,000 miles, or every time you change your oil.

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Tire Balance

TIP 3:
Balance your wheels regularly.

As tires wear down, the wheels fall out of balance because the wheels are balanced to the original amount of tread the tire had when installed. Being out of balance can cause the tread to get choppy which results in noticeable noise and vibration. You should check and re-balance your wheels every other tire rotation.

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Tire services

TIP 4:
Keep your wheels aligned

As we travel more miles each year and face challenging road conditions, it is important to keep your wheels aligned. Your vehicle’s suspension was designed to be within certain specifications, and the wear and tear of driving will naturally cause tire wear and negative effects on your vehicle’s handling capabilities. It is recommended that you check, and adjust if necessary, the wheel alignment on your vehicle 1 to 2 times per year.

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