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AAA Membership | FAQS

Have a question about Membership? Find your answers below.

How do I request roadside assistance?

Call 800-AAA-HELP (222-4357) or request service online at You can also download the AAA app and use it to request roadside assistance.

What does my AAA Membership cover?

How many service calls do I get per year?

What is a Primary Member?

What are the qualifications for someone to be
an associate on my membership?

Are there any restrictions on the types of vehicles covered
for emergency road service?

How can I get a list of all of the services that are provided
with emergency road service?

If my grandchildren are driving my vehicle are they covered
in an emergency under my membership?

Can I schedule an appointment in advance to have my car
towed to the repair shop?

If I can’t pay the full amount of my membership renewal
at one time can I make payment arrangements or pay in installments?

Does my AAA Membership cover vehicle lockout service?

What if I run out of gas? Can my AAA Membership help?

I’m a AAA Member from another state. Can I transfer my AAA
Membership to North Carolina or South Carolina?

Can I give a AAA Membership as a gift?

I have always had a AAA Plus/RV membership but I don’t
see that being offered online when I go to renew. Is it still available?

How long does my vehicle have to sit at a repair shop or
home before it is no longer considered to be a one tow per breakdown?

Why doesn’t my expiration date change to end on the month
that I reinstated my membership?

Why are new member discounts not offered to existing

Why is there a wait for Plus Membership for new members?

Why does AAA require members with trucks larger than an
F250 (2500), have an RV membership?

Why do I have to have valid tags on my vehicle if AAA
is towing it?

Why do I have to show a valid photo ID? I’ve never been told
this before.

What does the trip interruption cover?

What is the “one tow per breakdown” policy?