Updated May 22, 2020

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Traffic Safety

We’re committed to traffic safety for drivers and pedestrians. Use our safety tips, programs and resources to help
make our roads safer for everyone.

School Safety Patrol

Build and grow a AAA School Safety Patrol in your school. Get our catalog, order patrol equipment, or find
guidelines and resources from our School Safety Patrol website.

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety

The AAA Carolinas Foundation for Traffic Safety is a non-profit
organization supported by the AAA Carolinas motor club and its members. We are dedicated to providing resources on
traffic safety issues. We hope to improve driver behavior and highway safety in the Carolinas.

Distracted driving has emerged as the latest dangerous
behind-the-wheel behavior, replacing drunk driving as the foremost traffic safety issue on roadways today.
According to AAA Foundation research, nearly 88% of drivers perceive that distracted driving is a bigger
problem today than in past years, however almost 45% admit to reading a text message or email while
AAA Carolinas Traffic Safety Foundation has been conducting an educational campaign
called Disconnect and Drive to heighten awareness of how distracted driving inhibits the ability to drive safely,
regardless of experience. The goal is to encourage motorists to put down their mobile phones while behind the wheel.

Free Disconnect and Drive bumper magnets are available at AAA Car Care centers and AAA Travel offices, or make a
request by contacting Traffic Safety here.

AAA for Kids

From car seats to bike safety and beyond, AAA Carolinas has safety, education and awareness resources for

AAA for Teens

AAA Carolinas offers teen traffic safety and educational programs to help create safe driving habits for life.

AAA for Adults

We offer tips and education for adults with our safe driving classes, Approved Driving School Network, and

AAA for Seniors

AAA Carolinas is dedicated to keeping seniors behind the wheel for as long as safely possible.

Road Conditions

Adverse weather, heavy road construction and traffic can significantly impact your route selection, expected driving
time and safety. Be sure to check local road conditions before getting on the road. Each state’s Department of
Transportation maintains up-to-date information on current road conditions, or you can call 511 for conditions in your

N.C. Road Conditions
S.C. Road Conditions
National Traffic & Road Closure Information

AAA Driver Improvement Program™

If you have been charged with a moving violation in North Carolina, South Carolina or Virginia, you may be eligible
to attend a AAA Traffic Safety Course. Successful course completion may entitle you to a reduced charge or dismissal
of your citation. AAA Members save 10% on Traffic Safety Courses.

Online Classes
Classroom Registration

Got a Ticket?

If you have been charged with a moving violation in NC, SC or VA, you may be eligible to attend an AAA Traffic
Safety Course.

AAA Advocacy

AAA Carolinas is your advocate in North and South Carolina legislatures working on issues that affect Carolina

AAA Auto Insurance

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AAA Auto Buying

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