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Texting to Increase Retention

Last month AAA made some enhancements on how we communicate billing to your customers. To further improve the customer experience we collaborated with a company called Relay to launch a text messaging program. These text messages are set up to deliver 2 separate messages to your customers.

  1. First message is to notify them that their bill is on the way and they should receive it in their mailboxes soon.
  2. The second text message will be delivered to any of your customers with a message that their payment is due in one day.

Both messages allows your customer to log into the account management portal to pay their bill or alert AAA that a payment has been mailed.

Since these text messages are transactional, your customers require no opt-in.

Why did AAA do this?

The goal of the program is to accomplish the following:

  • Increase retention by decreasing non-pay cancellations.
  • Decrease complaints about delayed invoices

Here is an example of what your customers will see on their phones when they receive the text message:

Mobile Text Revision Example

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