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Home Protection

Customize Your Homeowners Policy

AAA Insurance offers Home Protection Plans to help customize your policy to best meet your unique needs and to provide a broader protection for your home. Call your local AAA Insurance agent today: 1-866-315-1252

Inland Flood Coverage

Inland floods are on the rise. AAA Insurance now offers affordable protection for homeowners. With changing weather patterns causing more severe and frequent rainstorms, and snowstorms with significant snowmelt, the threat of costly flood damage is growing. Today, even homeowners in normally to low moderate flood risk areas need coverage.

Until now, insurance options have been limited and costly. AAA Inland Flood Coverage is an innovative solution that insures the most common flood exposures, as well as personal property in the basement and loss of use - coverages that are excluded by the National Flood Insurance Program.

AAA Inland Flood Coverage includes damage to:

  • Residence and certain other structures (shed, pool house, etc.)
  • Personal property, including in a basement or sunken room
  • Loss of Use
  • Property moved to safety by the insured
  • Debris removal

Contact your AAA Insurance agent for more information on Inland Flood Coverage.

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Home Systems Protection

Next to the home structure, home systems are typically homeowners’ most valuable property. With the amount of equipment in homes today and the sensitive technology that drives it, breakdowns are inevitable. Unexpected home equipment losses can cost thousands of dollars. Homeowners want these losses covered.

AAA Home Systems Protection is the broadest breakdown coverage available today. It covers systems, appliances and electronics homeowners value and rely on for everything from essential services like heating and cooling, water and power, to communications, security and entertainment. We give you the flexibility to customize what’s covered to suit your strategy and provide broad, meaningful protection at an affordable price.

Coverage options include:
  • AAA Home Systems Protection covers essential and costly systems that are permanently installed. Covered home infrastructure includes permanent systems essential for home comfort, convenience and operation such as:
    • Furnaces, heating boilers and heat pumps
    • Radiant and geothermal heating systems
    • In-house water piping that is a part of a heating or cooling system even if it is buried
    • Air conditioning and ventilation
    • Hot water heaters
    • Water treatment and filtration
    • Emergency generators
    • Fire and security alarm systems
    • Pool pumps and filtration
    • Chair lifts
  • Add to that optional coverage for personal property including home appliances, entertainment systems and consumer electronics. Covered personal property includes valued necessities and conveniences such as:
    • Kitchen and laundry appliances
    • Home entertainment electronics
    • Computers, laptops and tablets
    • Health monitoring systems
    • Home exercise equipment
    • Shop equipment

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Contact your AAA Insurance agent for more information on Home Systems Protection.

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Service Line Coverage

All too often homeowners discover they are responsible for repair costs only after experiencing an unfortunate events such as an underground water line leak. Most homeowners don’t know that they own the outdoor water and sewer piping from the street to their house, or that they are responsible for its maintenance and repair.

What is Service Line Coverage?

Service Line Coverage provides payment for damage to piping, wiring and outdoor property that is the responsibility of the homeowner for repair when caused by a service line failure.

A service line is exterior, underground piping and wiring including permanent connections, valves or attached devices providing a service to the residence premises.

Covered services include:
  • Water supply
  • Waste disposal
  • Electrical power
  • Heating (including hot water, natural gas, propane, steam and geothermal)
  • Communications (including cable and data transmission, Internet access and telecommunications
  • Drainage systems
  • Compressed air

Contact your AAA Insurance agent for more information on Service Line Coverage.

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Personal Liability Umbrella Policies

While our basic policies will provide you with exactly what you need, securing extra protection in additional liability coverage gives you even more of AAA’s peace of mind. At AAA, our umbrella policies will help to further extend this peace of mind in the moments you need it most.

  • $1 and $2 million limits to offer you coverage.
  • Less strict underlying limit requirements than other carriers.
  • The biggest bang for your buck!
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Secondary / Seasonal Homes Insurance

The properties you own are a part of your livelihood, whether it be a home away from home or rental property. Let us provide you with coverage to protect properties that are important to you, especially in the event of damage caused by a hazardous fire.

  • Coverage for your rental properties and secondary/seasonal homes
  • Competitive rates.
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Home Security

AAA is passionately committed to providing members and customers with services that encompass value, safety and total peace of mind, especially in securing your home. Your home is one of your greatest investments, and it’s important to protect your home from unwanted intrusions.

Contact your AAA Insurance agent for more information on Home Security options to help protect your home.

Disaster Mortgage Insurance

Disaster Mortgage Insurance is exclusive AAA Insurance. This product can provide coverage to pay your mortgage while out of the home for a covered claim. It also has options for deductible reimbursement and even can assist with involuntary unemployment.

Contact your AAA Insurance agent for more information on Disaster Mortgage Insurance.

Accidental Death Coverage

A built-in endorsement to AAA Insurance Homeowners policies, this coverage will provide $50,000 in the event of a death of a household member due to certain causes of loss such as fire or flood.

Contact your AAA Insurance agent for more information on Accidental Death Coverage.

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